• Rotunda

The University of Virginia
The 200 South Street Inn is located a little more than a mile from one of the nation's architectural jewels, the University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819. Due to such close proximity, our Inn is the perfect place to stay during your visit to the University of Virginia, whether you are visiting the campus, your child or returning as an alumni. The Rotunda is closed presently for renovations so their tours have been suspended. For more information regarding the University, please see www.virginia.edu.

The Virginia Cavaliers sports teams bring entertainment and pride to locals and students alike. The men's baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer and lacrosse teams enjoy top standings in the country. The woman's lacrosse, soccer and golf teams also draw top honors.  For sports schedules and information on all UVA teams, see www.virginiasports.com.

Some highlights of the campus are the Special Collections Library in the heart of campus.  Over 12 million pieces of American history, literature and book arts are housed in this collection. Go to www.small.library.virginia.edu for details.